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The busy clients of this home reached out to update their living, dining, kitchen and laundry area as they didn't want another year to pass without having taken action on their home. The charming home was a former corner store early in it's life and whilst the original floor boards were character filled they were at the end of their life and starting to catch shoe heels in the cracks.


The clients expressed their desire for a fireplace to provide a cosy, focal point to the home which provided the opportunity to re-orientate the living room. New joinery was designed in the living room to complement the stone fireplace. As part of the living room renovation, the existing sofa and armchairs were reupholstered to provide a new lease of life.


Replacing the kitchen and removing some full height joinery at the side of the island bench in the kitchen and changing the lighting to sit within the timber beams rather than hanging below has resulted in a space that feels significantly larger and higher. 

Services provided included:

/ floor plan design,

/ custom joinery design and documentation,

/ finishes selection, and

/ lighting selection.




August 2022

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