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Meet Josie Simpson, the owner and creative force behind Altus Design Studio.


"I have an absolute passion for designing with colour, texture and pattern, it's what ignites my creative spark and keeps me awake at night, in a good way!"


"When designing a space I often think in colour from the outset. Colour doesn't have to be a crazy riot (although that can be truly fabulous) rather I use it in various hues, tones and intensities as an expression of your personality to create a fabulous space.  


I like to think outside the box and challenge pre-conceived notions of a space and how flow and function of a space can be optimised and truly enjoyed. Good design should withstand the test of time."

Altus Design Studio is a boutique interior design studio based in Sydney's inner west that specialises in residential interior design across a range of interior design, decorating and styling projects, including spatial planning and floor plan changes.


Josie's passion for colour, texture and pattern can be seen in her love and celebration of art. Art can take many forms such as a painting or sculpture or extending further to flow through to the shape of furniture pieces to provide sculptural elements in a room. Careful selection of just the right pieces, whether it be furniture, lighting, art or accessories, ensures a finish that seamlessly complements the space. 

Josie has completed a Diploma of Interior Design receiving awards for best hospitality project and best residential project. Josie has also completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) and is a member of the Design Institute of Australia. Projects have been featured in Inside Out, The Design Files, House and Garden, Escape and Origin magazines. 

Altus Design Studio was shortlisted as one of five Emerging Design Stars in the Belle Fanuli Interior Design Awards as well as a project shortlisted for Best Use of Colour in House and Garden Top 50 Rooms and Belle Fanuli Interior Design Awards.  

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